Your Guide To Sharing Fantastic Family Stories


Money isn’t the only important aspect of estate planning. Our history and stories are unique and irreplaceable gifts to our families that help us feel connected to where we came from. Here are some oral, digital, and written ideas to get the family stories flowing.

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The Joy of Estate Planning: How to Avoid Bob Ross’s Mistakes

Bob Ross succession planning significance

Don’t let what happened to Bob Ross’s family happen to yours. Make certain that business agreements are in coordination with your estate plan. Use your estate plan to protect and pass on the ownership rights of the business interests you own. Creating a comprehensive succession plan is just as crucial as any other planning you do for your business, if not more.

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A Not-So-Happy Accident: Bob Ross’s Estate Plan Leaves His Son With Next to Nothing

Bob Ross Painting

Bob’s planning failures have led to an ugly court battle between his former business partners and his family, who were fighting for control of the lucrative rights to the Bob Ross brand. Although Bob Ross clearly intended to leave his intellectual property rights to his son, because Bob failed to coordinate his business agreements with his estate plan, his son Steve will never share in the fortune.

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