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Wonderful Winter Family Traditions

Families have all sorts of traditions. Some traditions go back generations and others emerge as families grow and change. It never hurts to add another activity to enjoy again next year. Here is a list of activities that could spark your next family tradition.
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Simplify Choosing Guardians For Your Children

Naming guardians for your children is a difficult, but necessary decision that ensures they are cared for in the way that you'd want. Take a few minutes to consider right now: if both you and your child’s other parent were to become incapacitated or die right now, who would step forward to care for your child? Here are simple steps to help you choose guardians for your children.
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Your Guide To Sharing Fantastic Family Stories

Money isn’t the only important aspect of estate planning. Our history and stories are unique and irreplaceable gifts to our families that help us feel connected to where we came from. Here are some oral, digital, and written ideas to get the family stories flowing.
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Bob Ross succession planning significance

The Joy of Estate Planning: How to Avoid Bob Ross’s Mistakes

Don’t let what happened to Bob Ross’s family happen to yours. Make certain that business agreements are in coordination with your estate plan. Use your estate plan to protect and pass on the ownership rights of the business interests you own. Creating a comprehensive succession plan is just as crucial as any other planning you do for your business, if not more.
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Bob Ross Painting

A Not-So-Happy Accident: Bob Ross’s Estate Plan Leaves His Son With Next to Nothing

Bob’s planning failures have led to an ugly court battle between his former business partners and his family, who were fighting for control of the lucrative rights to the Bob Ross brand. Although Bob Ross clearly intended to leave his intellectual property rights to his son, because Bob failed to coordinate his business agreements with his estate plan, his son Steve will never share in the fortune.
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Secure Your Children’s Inheritance By Avoiding These Easy Mistakes

Setting up a trust fund for your children can ensure that the money you leave behind for them is taken care of, in the way that you want. Unfortunately, I talk to a lot of parents who think they are doing the right thing but who fail by making one of these mistakes.
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grandkids bonding time at RMNP

Keeping up with the Grandkids and the Gift of Grandparenting

As life expectancy increases, the role of a grandparent has grown. A strong grandparent-grandchild connection helps us to be physically active and socially engaged and improves healthy development in kids. I share my insights on how special the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren can be and how to make it as rewarding as possible.
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successful parenting

The Key to Awesome Parenting; Self-Care

Parents are pressured to dedicate superhuman levels of time and energy to caring for their children to ensure optimal development. As with everything in life, successful parenting involves finding a healthy balance between caring for your kids and caring for yourself.
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The Secret to a Lasting Digital Footprint

If you haven’t properly addressed your digital assets in your estate plan, there’s a good chance that most of those assets will be lost forever when you die. Here we’ll discuss the most common types of digital assets, along with some practical tips to ensure your digital property is properly accounted for, managed, and passed on in the event of your incapacity or death.
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Incapacity Planning lessons from Britney Spears

Planning for Incapacity: Lessons Learned from Britney Spears

Had Britney done some estate planning, she could have chosen the person, or persons, who would be in charge of making decisions on her behalf during any period when her incapacity was at issue. With the right planning, Britney could have even spelled out the specific conditions that must be met for her to be deemed incapacitated in the first place.
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Conservatorship and Controversy? The Britney Spears’ Saga

In January of 2008, the court placed Britney Spears under a conservatorship, led by her father, Jamie Spears, after she was hospitalized twice during her public mental struggles. From 2008 until 2019, Britney’s father had complete control over her life choices and money.
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Your Best Investment is in Yourself

This season of change could be the perfect time to access the wealth of resources within yourself to fund your next level of growth. Even in the lowest of times, many people forged their own paths and grew their wealth through entrepreneurship.
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Life Is Constantly Changing, and Your Estate Plan Should Too!

One of the things that I see frequently is how few people understand what impact life change has on their estate plan. We all know that our families change, our loved ones change, our assets change, and our laws change. Unfortunately, people quickly forget that estate planning is an ongoing process.
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DIY Estate Planning? 4 Hidden Dangers You Kneed To Know

DIY planning documents appear to be a quick and inexpensive way to finally cross estate planning off your life's lengthy to-do list. Even if you realize your DIY plan won't be as good as those prepared by a lawyer, you think at least it can serve as a temporary solution until you find time to meet with an attorney to upgrade. These forms may not be perfect, but they're better than having no plan at all.
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Summertime is Family Time: 12 Fun Summer Activities

Estate planning is more than putting strategies in place to protect and pass on your wealth. Your intellectual, spiritual, and human assets are just as, if not more, essential. Time spent with family strengthens your bonds and passes on your values. There is never a better time to get together than summertime.
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4 Major Advantages of a Trust

Wills and trusts are both estate planning documents used to pass your wealth and property to your loved ones upon your death. However, trusts come with some distinct advantages over
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The Proven Path to a Joyful Life

A proven way to live a more fulfilling life is to fully accept the fact that one day you’re going to die. “It is not death that a man should
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Larry King’s Legacy: Divorce, Death and Do-It-Yourself

When Larry King died recently he left a handwritten will. Let’s look and see what he could have done better. Well, he could have had a Lifetime Asset Protection Trust.
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Larry King

Larry King’s Legacy: An Estate Plan Debacle

Larry’s career spanned more than half a century.With so much money and so many spouses and children, it's not much of a surprise that there would be some conflict over Larry’s estate following his death.
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Have You Considered Your Digital Legacy?

Social media is part of your legacy and is worthy of protection. Learn about how to preserve your digital assets so they will be significant and meaningful to your heirs for generations to come.
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